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Despite a long tradition of incorporating new materials and shapes into traditional art forms, beyond the continent Africa is still often portrayed by rather static and stereotypical looks.

We wanted to challenge this image by taking some of the most iconic pieces from the continent and using them as a basis to explore the process of renewal through a juxtaposition of ancient forms with modern colours and materials.

The Tuareg community are one of the oldest practitioners of African jewellery craftsmanship, with their Tisek rings and the Ingall Cross amongst their best known exports. We’ve reworked these iconic pieces to form the basis for Neon, using unadorned brass and perspex in place of traditional etchings and glass peeks.

We also wanted to create an entirely new piece that would encapsulate and become synonymous with ZikoAfrika as a brand. The result was The Africa Earring – a day to night contemporary piece that places the continent in a visibly modern context.

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