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Zamani is translated in Swahili ‘as a long time ago’.

Africa has an incredibly rich history of jewellery craftsmanship, however little is often known outside the specific communities in which these traditions exist. We wanted to celebrate this heritage by curating a collection of pieces influenced by antique jewellery.

We looked at the use of gold disks and wedding jewellery in Swahili jewellery from the turn of the last century to inspire the creation of The Coin Necklace and The Hiziri, an abstract interpretation of necklace boxes used to carry religious verses.

From Mali we drew on the Tuareg’s flat-topped Tisek rings that were traditionally worn stacked on one finger to form a core component for our stacked ring sets, which we’ve designed to be worn with interchangeable perspex rings.

All these pieces are rooted in ancient forms steeped in meaning, but we also want them to represent a modern, contemporary interpretation of African design.


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